How does bad parenting affect a child

How does bad parenting affect a child

Most parents use their old school brought up practices as a blueprint for their child’s parenting. Studies have proven that certain outdated upbringing techniques are not recommended anymore because the negative effects of bad parenting tend to produce certain behavioral issues in children.

Due to the evolution of society and advancement in the social environment, unaffectionate parenting has become harmful to your child. Stay hooked till the end if you want to learn more about what bad parenting leads to.

In this blog post, we will talk about the different psychological effects of bad parenting on a child and the consequences of irresponsible parenthood.

What is bad parenting?

Bad parenting is a consecutive series of bad actions that contribute to affecting the child’s psychology. Most poor parenting is the collection of unintentional bad habits. But this does not matter whether it is intentional or not it will negatively impact the child in either way.

Parents usually do not care about the consequences of irresponsible parenthood. While some might not even aware of the outcomes of their actions. There are several actions mentioned in the blog that could clarify what bad parenting does to a child and what are the results of it.

What does bad parenting do to a child?

The consequences of irresponsible parenthood can have many adverse effects on your child. There’s no denying that the negative effects of bad parenting and the practices like neglecting the kid, abusing emotionally, and letting the children be exposed to violence can drastically affect a child’s behavior and their healthy mental growth and development.

All the causes of bad parenting can bring destruction to your child. Here are a few examples that show what bad parenting leads to.

Inability to cope with long-lasting friendships and relationships

Children do what they see! They start to mimic their parents’ behavior and their fellow kids at school. If they have been brought up in a good way it speaks itself and so does the bad one.

One of the worst effects of bad parenting is to make your kid a spoiled child. In which, he or she grows up believing that they are in control and they must command the way in everything. They don’t value others’ opinions in any matter as they think they are ever-right.

This mostly happens when the child is not reprimanded for the mistakes they make. Children with bad parenting and brought-ups face difficulty in co-existing with others and managing the relationships become difficult for them, whenever they get into it.

A child becomes more prone to develop violent behavior

We all are the product of our surroundings. Children who are exposed to significant domestic violence and abuse in their homes are more likely to become abusers and violent people later in the future.

The study also found that if the parents raise their hands and beat their kids, this unintentionally teaches them to beat their peers around in the pre-schooling settings and hurt spouses or children in the future.

Researchers have shown that the consequences of irresponsible parenthood are strongly associated with internalized violence problems in kids and those children tend to develop violent and criminal behaviors. As they grow up believing that being violent is the only way to solve issues.


Lack of confidence and risk-taking ability

Overprotecting is one of the traits of bad parenting. Being an overprotective parent will make your child fearful and afraid of taking any risks in the longer run, no matter how small is it.

It makes the child vulnerable to all the possible imaginary dangers out there and leads them to become poor decision-makers in life ahead. This can be corrected with the help of proper counseling but most people don’t seek it.


Psychological effects of bad parenting on children

No one can say they are a perfect parent. However, it is important for every parent to constantly evaluate their parenting skills to save their kids from the effects of bad parenting.

There are certain instances and consequences of irresponsible parenthood that can have serious and ever-lasting negative effects on children. Some of the common psychological effects of bad parenting on children that you must avoid at all costs include:

Cause psychological disorders to a child

This usually happens to neglected children who suffer from neglect from their parents and especially to those children who grow up in a family where they are exposed to abuse be it physical or emotional.

Moreover, the situation becomes worse when the child goes through sexual abuse in early childhood. All the forms of abuse are known to cause psychological effects on children and in some cases, they become prone to develop violent behaviors.

Depression and low self-esteem

Some other psychological effects of bad parenting include failure to thrive growth and development academically which leads to low self-esteem.

When the basic needs are not met at home it leads to poor performance in school. Children exposed to poor parenting may have difficulty in making friends and trusting people as they find it easier to push communication away and avoid being vocal.

Studies have shown that children who have gone through negative consequences of irresponsible parenthood will have a higher susceptibility to developing depression and are more likely to be withdrawn and stressed.

Aggression and anti-social behavior:

Anti-social behavior is one of the types of psychological effects of bad parenting on children in which they do not consider how their actions can affect others. This personality trait usually develops because poor parenting does not help the child in healthily expressing their emotions.

A child who is never allowed to make decisions, who is constantly belittled, and openly criticized, and who goes through irresponsible parenting is likely to have higher levels of aggression as compared to other kids of the same age.


Causes of bad parenting

Every parent wants their children to grow up and become the best version of themselves. But at times, the effects of bad parenting get in the way of achieving this wish. Some of the causes of bad parenting are listed below:

Ø  Lack of patience:

Instead of calmly sitting with the child, listening to their problems, and correcting him or their mistakes, parents scold them in the first place. Due to their short-tempered behavior, their child losses confidence and demeanor.

Ø  Lack of apathy

When parents do not address the child’s emotions in a healthy manner and started to disregard and disrespect their feelings and opinions it imparts adverse and irreversible negative effects.

Ø  Not setting rules earlier

Unfortunately, one of the causes of bad parenting is neglecting the child and failing to correct him/her. Setting boundaries beforehand let the child grow into a responsible individual.

Ø  Inheritance of poor examples

Another common mistake that parents make is dispensing old-school parenting thoughts where the child suffers from the consequences of irresponsible parenthood.

bad parenting

Key takeaways:

Parenting plays a key-important role in the development of children’s behavior and in building their personality traits. However, achieving a good and consistent parenting style is easier said than done and can be a challenging task as well.

You must remember that your child needs your attention, care, and nurturing the most from you. Try to figure out the best practices and structures that work positively for your parent-child relationship. Having a strong support backup from parents can boost the confidence and self-esteem of a child.

If there are any severe effects of bad parenting it might be better to talk with a child’s psychologist.



1: How does parenting affect children’s behavior?

Parenting affects children’s behavior in many ways. The effects of bad parenting let the child feel emotionally disconnected from their parents due to withholding parent’s attachment and not expressing affection at all.

2: What are the signs of bad parenting?

Here are some of the common signs of bad parenting and the consequences of irresponsible parenthood:

  • Severely punished, reprimanded, and scold the child more often
  • Hitting the child publicly and disciplining them in front of others
  • Passing out a lot of advice about everything rather than supporting and encouraging the child
  • Constantly comparing and telling the child that they should emulate the traits of other children

3: How does bad parenting cause violence?

The causes of bad parenting make the child more susceptible to developing aggression and violence in their personality. They have difficulty conveying their emotions without misbehaving and causing harm to others.

4: Can bad parenting cause mental illness?

The causes of bad parenting lead to several mental illnesses in which the child starts to develop a paranoid personality and thinks negatively about everyone out there.

5: How do you recover from a bad parent?

One can overcome the consequences of irresponsible parenthood by building a strong and emotional rapport with the child. Practice hands-on good parenting habits and get involved in a child’s life. Join different parenting forums and discuss the issues you are facing and pay heed to any advice that other parents might have.