How to be a good parent to a toddler

The toddler years can be both frustrating and of great joy for parents. Your child is developing their own needs, choices, wants, and opinions. They are transforming into a little child.

While this transformation is crucial to the child’s development, it’s also essential for building a solid relationship with them. This relationship will provide a foundation for the next developments in the life of your child.

You really want to make sure that you parent your toddler in an excellent manner to make them better human beings. That is why we have gathered 7 of the most effective parenting tips for toddlers.

7 tips for effective toddler parenting

Raising a kid can be one of the most fulfilling yet challenging jobs out there. While no preparation can be enough, we’ve compiled for you # tips to be a good parent to your toddler.

Tip # 1 – boost your child’s self-esteem

A child starts developing from Day 1. They absorb each detail that they witness, from tones to body language and even expressions. And these actions play a significant role in the development of a child. Words and efforts by parents play an essential role in the development of the child’s self-esteem.

Praising accomplishments, even the most minor ones, can develop confidence in toddlers. This makes them more independent, strong, and feel capable. On the other hand, passing belittling remarks and comparing your toddlers to other children may make them lose self-esteem, reduce confidence and make them feel worthless.

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Loaded statements can cause more damage than physical blows. Especially using words as weapons, like stupid, immature, etc. Or phrases like ‘stop acting like a baby’ or ‘your baby brother is more sense than you.’

Make sure you evaluate each sentence before speaking in front of your little one. Adopt a compassionate tone. Teach your little one that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s totally fine to make some. Be careful not to let your frustrations overcome your emotions during toddler parenting.

Tip # 2 – compliment more than criticize

Have you ever given a thought to how many times a day, do you criticize your toddler vs how many times a day you compliment them? We are pretty sure that the criticisms would outweigh the compliments.

Try placing yourself in their shoe. Would you like it if your boss even unintentionally criticized you that much? Obviously not; no one would. If that attitude of your boss would hurt you were an adult, imagine how drastically would your criticisms impact that little toddler of yours.

The best way to minimize criticisms and increase compliments is by complimenting your toddler when they perform even the most minor tasks. For instance, praise them if you see your toddler cleaning their room. If you see them making their bed, compliment them. If you see them behaving well with their siblings, praise them.

Such frequent compliments can make them develop good habits and encourage good behaviors. While occasional scolding is fine, frequent compliments will outweigh them and play a positive impact on the toddler.

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If you frequently scold your toddler, it will make them obstinate, and your scolding won’t impact them. However, compliments, regardless of how frequent they are, can also play a positive impact.

So, how do you frequently complement your toddler? Find excuses to praise your toddler every day. And while you’re at it, do it generously. Apart from complimenting, you can reward them with hugs and loves. Soon after, your toddler shall adopt good behaviors and grow into a perfect little child.

Tip # 3 – discipline

Amidst all the love and care, discipline is necessary too. Discipline is an essential parenting tip for toddlers. It’s vital to assist toddlers in learning self-control and choosing behaviors that are acceptable not just in the household but the society too.

Discipline aids in establishing limits and testing them for your toddler. Boundaries are essential to shaping your toddler into responsible and well-behaved adults. To establish a disciplined environment in your household, start by setting a few house rules.

House roles will help your toddler develop self-control and make them understand your expectations of them. Implement house roles like:

  • TV only after homework
  • No violence or hitting
  • No hurtful teasing
  • No name-calling
  • Making your bed after getting up
  • Cleaning your room

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And to make sure that the roles stay intact, you’ll have to set a few rules. For instance, if your toddler fails to follow the law once, let them get away with a warning. And the next time they break the law, they shall face the consequences like a time out.

While it may be challenging to punish your toddler, considering all the cuteness and innocence, it is essential to do so. Parents commonly miss out on punishing their toddlers, which may lead to adverse consequences. If you don’t discipline your toddler once they break the rule, you won’t be able to discipline them ever again. Be consistent with disciplinary rules.

Tip # 4 – spend time with your toddler

Amidst busy schedules and past-face life, having a quality family dinner or lunch is just a dream. Leave aside some quality time together. As much of a challenge, as this is, toddlers love it the most when their entire family is enjoying and spending some quality time together.

Even though it may be challenging, a few minor changes can surely go a long way. For instance, joining your toddler for breakfast by sacrificing 10 minutes of sleep. Or go for a walk with your toddler after dinner by delaying a few chores.

These acts can positively impact toddlers because toddlers crave attention. And if you fail to provide attention to them, they act out and misbehave because that way, they can seek attention.

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You can benefit from the following parenting tips for toddlers:

  • Special family nights – giving your toddler the autonomy to spend it how they like
  • Attach cute customized notes to their lunch box
  • Add small treats
  • Attend different events with them, like project days at school, or play dates at the park
  • Try to pick and drop them off while they travel

This way, you can improve communication, get to know their friends, and also spend time with them. While adolescents have aged through the phase of undivided attention, toddlers still require some.

Even if you’re a working parent, there’s nothing to be guilty of. Doing activities with them, like playing games, making food, or window shopping will give toddlers the undivided attention they crave for.

Tip # 5 – be a good example

Toddlers wish to become like their parents when they grow up. And to fulfill that desire, they start adopting your habits; you’ll also catch them acting or copying your style. And they start this act at a younger age, totally subconsciously.

Hence, you have to be very particular about how you act in front of your toddler. Because if you last out in front of them, they’ll adopt this, and if not now, somewhere in their teenage, they will demonstrate the same.

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Research has proven that aggressive adults have grown up with aggressive role models. If you are aggressive with your toddler today, it’s most probably because you’ve also been dealt aggressively. You must break the chain and not pass on the same aggression to your toddler.

Be a perfect example of how you wish to see your kid in the future. If you want your toddler should become a respectful, humble, honest, kind, and tolerant adult, make sure you demonstrate the same traits.

Start with exhibiting selfless behaviors, helping people regardless of rewards, being thankful, and showing complementariness. Treat your toddler with the same attitude and compassion that you wish people treated you with.

Tip # 6 – communication

Communication is vital to a healthy relationship, be it any. You can’t just dictate to anyone; you need to present them with reasoning and explanations. And the same is demanded of a toddler; if you expect them to fulfill your orders, without a valid explanation, you’re wrong.

Toddlers also have the urge to understand why you would order them to brush their teeth every day or not consume a lot of sugar or candies. This will fulfill the learning urge of toddlers and also make them better follow orders.

These explanations will provide toddlers with a basis for value and motives. This will also allow toddlers to learn and adapt in a nonjudgmental way. State clear expectations and explanations. And if they fail to adhere, discuss it with them, explain how disappointed you are without belittling them, and invite them to work on a mutual solution.

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If they continually fail to adhere, you should punish them; else, they won’t take you seriously. You can offer them choices and seek suggestions and negotiations. Include your toddler in your decision-making. This will motivate them, make them confident, and also encourage them to have their own choices.

Tip # 7 – recognize your needs and limitations

No one can be or is perfect; we all have our flaws and shortcomings. It’s best to embrace, identify and recognize your flaws and work over them. You’re also not only full of flaws but also have strengths of your own too. Recognize those strengths while improving your weaknesses.

Having realistic expectations of yourself and your household would help. Please don’t be too tough on yourself by forgiving, and it’s okay not to have answers all the time. Make toddler parenting manageable by:

  • Focus on areas in need of immediate attention
  • Time out when you’re burned
  • Repeat relaxing and stress-relieving activities, especially ones that make you happy as an individual or a couple.

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Focusing and caring about yourself doesn’t make you selfish; instead, it makes you a good parent to your toddler. As a parent of a toddler, you’re worried about what your toddler expects from you. Read on to learn about their expectations:

What do toddlers need from their parents?

Toddlers crave unconditional love and attention from their parents. If you fulfill their desire, you can shape them into good human beings. However, if you fail to do so, you shall witness them misbehaving or acting out just to seek attention.

With time, as toddlers grow, this need shall decrease. So, if you miss out on the opportunity right now, you cant fulfill it in the future. And this unfulfilled desire will always be a part of your child and impact their development.

How do I parent my 2-year-old?

Toddler parenting isn’t the same as parenting a baby or a teen. In this phase of their life, toddlers are hitting development milestones, like:

  • Playing
  • Speaking
  • Walking
  • Behaving
  • Running
  • Balancing
  • Jumping

To complement their development, use these toddler parenting tips:

  • Set up a time to practice reading with your toddler
  • Encourage your kids to play pretend
  • Explore around with your toddler
  • Make your toddler familiar with their and your name, age
  • Make them learn nursery rhymes
  • Provide them with proper attention

How do you show your love to a toddler?

Showing love to your toddler is the easiest job. However, it’s essential too. Because this is the age, they crave love and attention the most.

  • Be affectionate – shower them with hugs, kisses, and tickles
  • Put away your work, especially electronics
  • Smile while you speak to them
  • Listen to them
  • Ask them what they want
  • Learn and read with them

How can i improve my relationship with my toddler?

Establishing a good relationship with your toddler during their early years is very crucial mainly because it will provide a foundation for the years after. Try these toddler parenting tips for a change:

  • Give them positive attention
  • Play together, share fun activities
  • Share family meals regularly
  • Encourage decision making
  • Teach them to express feelings
  • Teach them control and discipline

To sum it up

Parenting isn’t a one-person job, it requires input from both the father and the mother. This article ran you through toddler parenting tips on how to be a good parent to a toddler. The takeaway remains to show affection and give attention to them while taking care of yourself too. While routines may get tricky, especially if both parents are working, a couple of hours a day wouldn’t hurt. Happy Toddler Parenting!

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