How to make money on Medium

Medium is one of the simplest and the most minimalist blogging platforms out there. In 2012, Evan Williams, the former CEO of Twitter, developed Medium, a publishing platform that allows users to share their thoughts and ideas. Publishers and bloggers can use the site to share existing work or produce fresh pieces from scratch.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, start a blog, or read some amazing material, Medium is a terrific place to start. You can get paid to write about anything you like. However, according to the site’s home page, technology, culture, entrepreneurship, and creativity are among the most popular themes on Medium. You can also write on Self, Politics, Media, and Productivity to generate money.

Freelance writers may be surprised to see how simple it is to earn money through medium monetization. Writing for Medium is easier than ever. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort, you may make a nice side income from your posts.

Medium Partner Program

There aren’t many web or open-writer policy sites left with actual strength. One notable exception is Their 80-100 million monthly visitors, make them a highly respected website that offers many possibilities. Since it generates a lot of traffic, medium partner program earnings can skyrocket within months!

Writers can join the Medium Partner program to make money from their articles. Many people will find this an exciting opportunity, especially those who enjoy writing or have a deep interest in the subject matter they’re writing about.

If you’re looking for a complete guide on how to make money on Medium in 2022, you have come to the right place.

Medium – a savior in this competitive

When other author-created websites have suffered, Medium has risen to the top of the heap. This is because they have covered a wide range of ground.

Medium is a unique website with great online reach, massive traffic, and a paywall on which writers can choose to place content. They can also make it freely accessible 100 percent of the time. Hence, they get paid. Content providers trying to diversify their revenue will find more avenues to do so.

Additionally, Medium features a “Publications” section. Shared spaces under the Medium brand are online publications that Medium itself runs. Many writers can contribute to medium magazines because they are topic-based.

·   The one-writer game

Medium has over 10,000 publications, some of which get hundreds of thousands of unique visits each month. Their blogging guide does an excellent job of covering all of this.

Medium has created a distinct online area, thanks to its broad range of publications and many paying customers who recognize the value in what it has to offer. It’s a place where writers may get attention and traffic and earn money. Several writers have made a lot of money through their exceptional pieces and excellent choice of niche.

How to make good money on medium

As a writer, the first step towards earning money through the Medium Partner Program is to sign up as a Medium member. This isn’t a difficult task.

how to make money on medium 2022 - Knowitall

Most people think that online websites are hokum, and they might not get paid for their hard work. Don’t worry! That won’t happen here. Some people are so profoundly talented that their very first Medium essay earns them money as a Partner. Some writers earn 100s of dollars in their first month, and that’s incredible!

The Medium Partner Program is geared toward getting talented writers up and running on Medium as quickly as possible, making signing up as easy as possible. This is fantastic since it simplifies getting started on a piece of writing. That entails getting your hands on some cash.

Because they are welcoming new members, signing up is a breeze. You’ll need a bank account or debit card that you can link to your account on Medium to accept your payments. The stripe is used to process the actual payments.

Stripe payments are only accepted in countries that enable the service. As of the time of this writing, Stripe is only available in a handful of countries worldwide, despite its rapid expansion. Check to see if your home address is eligible before making a final decision.

Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround if you live in a nation that Stripe does not yet support. Because they don’t send checks, they have to use Stripe to transfer money to a bank account.

To join the Partnership program, all you need is to have a physical address in a country where Stripe is accepted. Writers are paid on the 8th of each month; however, the additional amount or bonus dates vary.

· The alterations in criteria

There has been an evolution of the CLAP system.

Previously, payments were based on the number of claps a subscriber gave and the number of claps a writer received in a month. Each time a viewer clapped in support of an item, a portion of their $5 subscription would be allocated to that piece.

However, as of the fall of 2019, this criterion has changed. Medium no longer pays you for each clap. The claps are still present, but they no longer have the same significance. They will no longer be considered in determining how much writers are paid.

Clapping is still significant. Medium pays attention to its subscribers to see what articles they find interesting and worthwhile. Media under the Medium banner follow suit. It’s a good way to see whether or not you are on the right track when writing for this platform.

Curators on Medium may pay extra attention to a story with a high percentage of early claps to draw attention to the top stories. Don’t think that the top articles are only the ones that have been around for a long time. This platform, Medium, does not rank a piece considering its best and oldest writers. If you are a beginner and your article has what it takes to be on the list of top stories, you won’t be shunned aside based on your amateur status.

Many people report that their first article got the recognition it deserved soon after its publication. Regardless of their writer’s newly joined status, such articles garnered the readers’ attention and became hit pieces, earning 100s of dollars.

·  The new system of Medium payment

The most relevant metric here is the time spent reading by subscribers who have paid for the service. If an article manages to attract the subscribers’ attention, they will give it a go and read it to the very end. Many writers find this shift to be a positive one.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Medium seasoned writer or just starting; the new system rewards your readers with extended reads. This also rewards longer articles whose authors have invested a lot of effort in writing them.

Many writers who have been around for quite some time and have seen the era of claps report that their articles or essays would have paid significantly more under the new arrangement. You’ll be well on your way to success if you focus on providing high-quality material that Medium readers will finish reading. These numbers now pay you. You’ll also be better positioned to have your article curated or may be highlighted.

Medium is in charge of driving traffic to the works of its contributors. As a result, your writing time is freed up in light of this policy change. Advertisements on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook may help your articles stand out from the crowd. However, your site’s already-existing traffic has the most potential.

·  Stories can be imported

There is an intriguing feature offered by Medium: the ability to “import” stories from other places. As a result, you may be able to post the same article on both LinkedIn and Medium. You could also write an article for your own website’s blog. If you have to create your own material and want to broaden your audience, this is useful.

If you are a complete newbie, your audience on Medium will almost probably be larger. A new writer’s work can be selected for curation or inclusion if a piece is good enough.

However, this approach has valid issues, and it isn’t for everyone.

If you’re trying to establish a brand, gain expertise for a speaking career, or just want to get the word out, this can be a good method to maximize the value of your work. However, it can be appealing to certain marketers, but the negatives may outweigh the time saves for others. Therefore, it is said to be a unique feature that you won’t find on most crowdsourced content sites.

Which type of articles should be published on Medium?

First and foremost, it’s critical to grasp that Medium does not function as an article repository. You won’t find this site like the old article directories that littered the internet. Furthermore, an affiliate site cannot be replaced by Medium. This site’s millions of visitors aren’t interested in product-heavy top-10 lists, so those won’t gain traction.

Quality writing is the main objective of Medium, an online publisher that pays you for the uniqueness of your writing. Articles that sound like they belong in a magazine are more likely to be read by readers. Informational content is popular amongst them. They enjoy reading about other people’s personal experiences.

How many views to make money on Medium, you ask? There is no definite answer. The only thing that can be surely believed is that Medium emphasizes quality rather than quantity.

·    Clients and non-clients – a comparison

Articles on Medium can be freely available to all readers or kept behind a Medium paywall. As tempting as it may be to leave the article available for everyone, there are several strong reasons to reconsider this decision.

Remember that not all page views and reads count toward a writer’s earnings from an article. The only views that matter are those who pay the $5 a month fee count towards your article’s compensation.

Keeping your material behind a paywall may seem counterintuitive; however, it might result in more traffic and attention than you would otherwise get.

Medium places a heavy emphasis on promoting its content behind the barrier. Articles will have to be read by paid subscribers to get featured or curated. This means more marketing and advertising. That is to say, if you keep your articles in places where you may get paid directly for them, you may also attract more potential readers.

how to make good money on medium

· Reading time

Even if you’re hoping to generate money from your writing directly or using Medium to market a website or your expertise/services, reading time matters. The more eyeballs on you, the greater your chances are.

This means that the first three paragraphs of your Medium essay should be devoted to these three main points:

  • A catchy title that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • A strong introduction to the piece.
  • A well-researched and well-reasoned introduction.

You want the headlines to pique the reader’s interest. Then, a strong opening paragraph is needed to entice readers and increase their reading duration. Your lead-in paragraph must provide value to your viewers if you want to keep them reading.

Suppose you have written an excellent piece. It informs, educates, it entertains. However, the lead of your article fails to grab the reader’s attention. It’s poorly written to fails to inform the reader what the article is about. What happens then? The reader will move on to the next piece, ignoring yours in the process.

To get the most out of Medium, show early and often that you know how to convey a story through the written word. Always start strong. Pique their interests. Intrigue them. As a result of this strategy, direct payments from your writing piece will likely be much larger and more consistent.

· Bonus payments

Bonus payments are a reality on Medium. If a piece of writing is truly exceptional, Medium’s human editors may want to recognize it. As far as bonus payments go, there aren’t many defined criteria.

The impression is that there is no established system or set of rules. In some cases, an editor or reviewer will award a bonus payment to an article they deem particularly noteworthy. According to most writers who have received them, the incentive payments on Medium are $100 in total.

Members of Medium aren’t paid instantly. Amounts are distributed once a month at the end of each month’s monetary earnings. Even if this isn’t a reliable source of money, it’s good to know it exists.

· Featured and curated writers

Featured and curated posts are two of the most often used terms on Medium.

An article that has been curated is one that an editor has decided to recommend in one (or more) categories because of its quality. A little more visibility is gained, and you can be found by people searching for specific topics on Medium.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing on Medium; it can get curated if your first article is excellent enough. Even though it’s more difficult, getting your work published is an enormous accomplishment if you succeed.

In other words, a well-written piece will appeal to your target audience and whichever editors are examining your work at the time. In the end, you’re merely featured if you make the cut. You’ll gain a lot of exposure on the main page, which can benefit writers who are fortunate enough to achieve one of these awards.

· Associate marketing

You can use affiliate links on Medium. The inclusion of an affiliate link is permitted even if spammed content is penalized, or writers are banned. Ensure that the content you produce for Medium’s audience is high quality.

If you use affiliate links, you must clarify that you will be rewarded for any transactions made through such connections.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to produce quality material that establishes credibility and trust. It is the most effective way to get people to click on your links. You can use Medium’s incredible traffic to generate solid purchases from a well-placed link if you can write an article that accomplishes this.

Another option to make money from Medium articles is through direct affiliate sales. As an alternative, you can use your writing abilities and the platform’s traffic to drive traffic to an affiliate website that you have created yourself.

· Traffic

Medium’s capacity to generate interest in its content is one of its greatest assets. A single article that attracts a lot of attention can drive many potential visitors to a website because of the traffic the site receives.

Medium has a lot of potential for increasing traffic. Your services, e-books, or affiliate sites can benefit from this traffic. Having an article published on Medium also has the added benefit of boosting your SEO rankings and increasing your online reputation.

· Promotion and SEO

Using Medium as part of online promotion or SEO campaign can help businesses gain money. Websites with a high degree of trustworthiness are few and far between. A link to your essay on Medium is within your control because you are in charge of writing it.

The strength of a connection from Medium is debatable. At the very least, it’s a connection that you can cultivate and obtain for your own benefit in terms of SEO, on a site that Google regards as an authority. No one can deny the existence of some benefit in that!

Medium has a large and active audience. You may make a lot of money through Medium if you write effectively enough to have your articles chosen or even featured. A surge in readership could have a far-reaching effect on your brand and the services you provide.

Categories of revenues streams

Medium’s revenue streams may be divided into two broad categories, each of which can be supplemented by the other.

  • The first option is to write. When you’re an excellent writer, but don’t have much experience in affiliate marketing or establishing niche websites, Medium can be a terrific place to start. Medium’s direct payment of revenues is the first major source of revenue.
  • The second method is to use Medium to increase visitors to your website.

In addition to attracting visitors to your website, this will also help your internet visibility and reputation. Writing high-quality posts on Medium is a great way to grow your personal brand and generate a lot of traffic. You’ll earn money by converting the Medium traffic you send.

Is it possible to earn a full-time residue from the Medium?

Even though there are a lot of data on Medium earnings, it is possible to get a full-time income from the platform.

At this moment, the vast majority of writers are ignoring it. However, this does not negate the existence of potential. Medium has various ways to generate money. It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketer who happens to have a knack for writing or vice versa. There’s a good chance that Medium has something for you.

how to make money online medium

Affiliate marketing can provide a full-time source of income for skilled writers who are also willing to put in the time and effort to learn the craft and establish a web presence that generates a small but steady stream of affiliate commissions.

According to published figures, most Medium writers are not making a full-time salary. A very small percentage of people are, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility!

This platform has a lot to offer, even those who consider it only as a method to advertise other sites and make money on the side.

Only 10 percent of all authors make more than $100 a month, and even fewer make a full-time living from their work. On the other hand, Medium has a few authors making six figures a year. Therefore, it’s doable if you put your heart and soul into it.

· base your learning on the experience of others

You may find a wealth of useful information on making money on Medium in the articles. Authors and readers alike agree that it’s one of their most beloved subjects.

These types of articles can help you figure out where each % falls. Additionally, the progress of the novelists can also help you in this regard. A good 50 percent of authors who join any site that accepts new members write just a few articles and then stop writing for the rest of their lives. An earnings report may appear worse than it truly is because of this.

Having said that, if you want to make money on Medium, you’ll need to put in time and effort.

There are plenty of Medium Writing Courses created by a successful Medium writer who makes a very healthy career writing just for Medium. These courses can save those good writers interested in what the site has to offer a lot of time, trial, and error.

You’ll have a better chance of making money writing on Medium if you learn from others who have already succeeded.

You can earn a living on Medium. The data on this website is completely out in the open. The likelihood of making money from a single story written by a new writer is quite low. The most important factor in becoming a great blogger is to produce high-quality content. The quantity is staggering. Your Medium revenue will grow if you keep writing and promoting your work on social media. This could turn into a full-time passive revenue source in the long run.

You’ll experience ups and downs throughout your Medium writing career. Some of your pieces will inevitably become viral. Others may have difficulty. This happens to every successful Medium writer. Persistence is the key.

There aren’t many full-time writers on Medium who can make a living from their work. Despite this, hundreds of people have already done so. As more writers discover everything that Medium offers, that number will continue to rise. Writers can get money every month by writing articles that interest the audience and grasp their attention instantly.

Many ways to make money blogging on Medium exist. Direct writing payments are the most common method; however, there are others as well. Articles with affiliate links are an effective strategy. So is bringing visitors to websites that generate revenue. You can use all these methods to generate money and establish a career through Medium.

Many possibilities are available here. Authors who have a strong grasp of the craft will be able to get money through Medium. It is an excellent opportunity to put their talents to good use.

writing for medium

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Medium pay per 1,000 views?

The revenue generated through Medium depends on the reading time. Whether paying Medium users read your content and how long they spend reading it determines how much Medium pays you per view. The pricing per 1,000 views on Medium isn’t predetermined because there are so many variables. By focusing on increasing the number of time readers spend with your material, you’ll be able to earn more money from your articles.

  • Is it worth writing on a Medium?

Medium is a great place to get your writing out there for free and in a short amount of time. It’s also worth it if you want to make money from your writing but don’t want to start your own site.

However, as more writers sign up for the Medium, it’s getting more difficult to make money there. If you want to make money, you should focus on maintaining your own website, opt for affiliate marketing, and bring more audience to your piece.

  • How much money can you make on Medium?

Most writers can expect to earn between $20 and $50 each month if they consistently produce high-quality content. Medium writers make a full-time living by charging $100 or more per month. However, you’ll need to work hard to earn more than $100 a month as a writer in this competitive industry.

  • How do you get noticed on Medium?

Always write useful information to readers. Opt for cross-linking and use images to grab attention. Communicate with other writers, and thank them when upon recommendation. The best to get noticed is to publish regularly.

  • Can I promote my blog on Medium?

The Medium platform allows you to import stories. You can import a post from your website into Medium after being published.

Final words

You can generate money on Medium and advertise your other websites and enterprises simultaneously. It only takes a little patience, perseverance, and hard effort (as with any worthwhile endeavor!)